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MAX LODGING - Our passive house


Our building was constructed as a passive house. This saves great deal of energy.

Heating is by means of district heating. The primary energy demand of the Munich district heating is around zero.

The in-house photovoltaic system produces electricity to cover the building's own power consumption.

All apartments are connected to a central ventilation system with efficient heat recovery. Electric venetian blind systems with wind sensors on the windows, and electrically operated shutters on the skylights with rain sensors, ensure summer-like thermal insulation and individual shading options. The walls are optimally insulated and thus have very little heat loss.

The windows are triple-glazed and constructed with high-quality wood and aluminium with an insulation core to provide the utmost in insulation.

In the apartments, energy-efficient LED lamps and kitchen utensils ensure low energy consumption.

Our overall approach is thus future-oriented and combines living comfort and quality of living with sustainability and energy conservation through the production and use of renewable energy.

So enjoy comfort with energy efficiency and sustainability. There's no reason the two can't coexist!