Minimum stay: 28 Nights



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We'd like to offer you something we've always missed.
Modern, pleasant lodgings  temporary lodgings away from home in the big city.
Particularly people who are frequently on the road for longer periods or preferably with family and friends, know the problem:
after a while, hotel rooms are often cramped and impractical. The people who stay there feel as if they're only temporary guests.
We at MAX LODGING want you to feel at home with us.
You have room to breathe, and everything you need to take care of yourself is right there.

The area surrounding our Boardinghouse offers everything you could wish for:

  • a quiet residential area in close proximity to Munich's Westpark with beer gardens, playgrounds and plenty of opportunities to jog, stroll or to frolic in the meadow.
  • all kinds of shops for your everyday needs, chemist's, doctors within walking distance
  • underground train and bus are also just a 2-minutes walk away

Our team comes not from the hotel sector but from the "customer" side of things.
As a mother, 3 children, and as a travel agent, we systematically incorporate our experience in the MAX LODGING concept. We dispense with large staff and administrative expenses and gladly pass the savings along to our customers in the form of added comfort.
MAX LODGING stands for maximum quality of life, privacy, modern accommodations, practicality, sustainability and individuality.
And of course, MAX also stands a bit for Munich and Bavaria.
Because there are lots of famous people in Munich, and you, too, should get a very subtly sense of where you have landed. In the heart of Bavaria.
We look forward to seeing you! Feel at home with us and enjoy the big-city atmosphere in peace and in your own personal way.
Grüß Gott and welcome to Munich ...